Beyond Wonderland Music Festival

I think I can safely say that people who are familiar with this festival would consider Beyond Wonderland a rave. So, if you are into electronic music, this is definitely your chance to break out the glow sticks.

Along with the music comes a different element at these events. Walking around is definitely a visual experience. Most people will be dressed up (try to count how many Alice in Wonderlands you see) and many performers will surround you as you walk through the sea of dancers. Stilt walkers can be seen roaming around, trapeze artists will be showing off their talents, and the fire twirlers will pop up at each stage. The goal of Insomniac is to create an “entire sensory experience” instead of just a place to listen to music. This festival can be called many things, none of which will be boring! (If nothing else, teens asking for hugs should amuse you over the course of the night).

Arrive early - getting in and out of these events can sometimes turn into a huge headache; too many people excited to get in.

Food and beverage stands will be located throughout the event with many different options to choose from. There will also be roaming vendors with water, snacks, and other beverages available. For those of you who are 21 and over there will be beer and wine available. Remember to drink plenty of water and keep hydrated - especially at an outdoor event like this.

The NOS Event Center is a nice venue. There are indoor as well as outdoor areas and the lagoon adds more natural beauty to the event. The drawback to some of these events can also be what attracts some music listeners to them; the number of people there! So, here arises the question “Should I buy a VIP ticket or not?” The answer is - it depends on what you are looking for. If you are ok with being constantly surrounded by your fellow dancers and would like to interact more (and maybe if you are a little strapped for cash) General Admission might be the way to go. VIP, of course, is a completely different experience. Definitely less hands on. In a way, it might make you feel like you are separated from the crowd. If you are looking more to just have your own space and hear some music, but don’t want to find yourself in a sea of sweaty dancers, then VIP might be the best option. Up to you.

As one Wonderland fan wrote: “definitely take your good vibes along with you and get ready for a HUGE night!”

*UPDATE* Check out our exclusive video footage from Beyond Wonderland 2011 @ FestivalZooTV


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