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Genre: Jungle/Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass is a culture with one eye fixated on the future. To achieve longevity within the scene a DJ must stay two steps ahead of the general public. The arsenal needed to achieve this task comes in the form of exclusive dubplates, hard to obtain white labels, and an acute ear for “the next sound”. Since 1991 DJ Fury has not only met, but surpassed all these criteria.

Steve Blakley began the metamorphosis into his moniker of DJ Fury while snow boarding professionally in the early nineties. It was during this time that Blakley attended his first few raves and was introduced to DJ culture. Reluctant to assume the role of spectator Blakley soon purchased turntables and unknowingly took the first step of his new career. By 1992 Blakley had begun to play the sound of hardcore U.K. breakbeats at events around the Denver area under the guise of DJ Fury. By the next year this sound had began to transform into an early prototype of what would be known as Jungle. Fury shifted with the new sound seamlessly.

This transition was easier for Fury than the typical Denver raver who’s musical taste leaned towards house. These early days ended in many cleared dance floors which only fueled Fury’s desire to spread the Jungle vibe he had witnessed in cities such as Toronto. Lowerworld Productions was created in 1993 by Fury to help establish a higher level of legitimacy to this new form of music. At first this movement was met by resistance, however, it was only a matter of time until things would change. In the next few years Lowerworld would collaborate with Come Together Production (for who Fury was a resident DJ) to create some of the most infamous parties in Denver’s history such as the Skylab series. Thanks to such high profile events Jungle was beginning to gain recognition and respect amongst the growing Denver scene.

From this point forth the Denver Jungle scene snowballed along with Fury’s DJ career. The year of 1995 saw the birth of the notorious Rewind series by Lowerworld which catered purely to up front Jungle. These events began to receive attention nationwide thus providing a huge stepping stone in Fury’s career. Slowly but surely his reputation of providing the best tunes with flawless mixing began to spread from city to city. From there, Fury continued to expand his growing fan base by maintaining a rigorous DJ schedule rinsing out cities such as Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, and many others. Despite this intense travel itinerary Fury still managed to hold down Denver by throwing monthly events (now known as Reload) and co-hosting one of the premiere jungle weekly’s in the nation (Breakdown Thursdays). 2001 saw the national release of DJ Fury’s “Seclusions” mix CD on the Format division of Terraform Records which sold thousands of copies.

Currently Fury designs and runs the internationally acclaimed graphic design company, The Firm Graphics, in between his DJing and event promotions. He is a resident DJ for Insomniac’s Bassrush, their drum & bass division, and the Reload events are still running strong and picking up steam again in Denver…