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Top Five Memorial Day Weekend 2012 Las Vegas Pool Parties

Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Vegas and pool parties. The words are now synonymous. Gone are the days of recovering poolside from the previous night’s revelry. Vegas now gives you a reason (rather lots of legitimate reasons) to continue the party throughout the day and into the early evening at one of the many stunning dayclubs that have infultrated the… [Continue Reading]

Top Five Nightclub Events in Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend 2012


Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas continues to be one of, if not, THE biggest party weekend in Vegas. For MDW 2012 Vegas, managed to recruit all the big names. Click here to see a full breakdown of all the artists that will be in Vegas for MDW 2012. To help you plan the soundtrack… [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Summer Festivals in the Northwest US


Festival season is in full swing and summer, peak season for dance music festivals in the US, is looming just around the corner. The Northwest part of the States is one of the fastest growing regions for festival-goers, featuring a standout selection of shows to choose from. Colorado, Washington, and Canada are your destinations for… [Continue Reading]

Top Five Ultra Music Festival Newcomers


The Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, with an already sterling reputation, is moving into its 14th year of madness with an even bigger lineup then before. Attendance has shot up as well from last year’s festival to 200,000 and it’s very likely that this overwhelming roster has to do with it…. [Continue Reading]

Top Five House Music Parties at WMC 2012


Pretty much every genre of electronic music will be represented at WMC but this list is for the true house-heads. Here are our Top 5 picks for the best house music parties at Winter Music Conference 2012. 5. 6th Annual Scooter and Lavelle & Friends WMC Showcase Who: Scooter and Lavelle, Scotty Boy, Donald Glaude,… [Continue Reading]

Top 4 Signs That 2012 Will Be A Huge Year For EDM


Although electronic music is considered relatively mainstream in other countries, it is still a ways from reaching that status here in the the U.S. Last year, however, we saw the popularity of dance music festivals and the EDM scene in general reach new heights here in the States and it only makes sense that 2012… [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen


1. Getting to Playa Most BPM attendees will be travelling through Cancun International Airport which is about 45 minutes north of Playa Del Carmen. Taxis from the airport can run about $65 USD which is great if you happen to be arriving with a group of 3 or 4 people. But for solo travellers or… [Continue Reading]

Top 5 “Burning Man DJs & Artists”


The Top 5 Burning Man DJs list was compiled based upon the DJ or artists’ involvement, stage performance, skill level, and number of years with the arts, socio-political/spiritual, and music experience that is Burning Man. There are many great DJs who have contributed to Burning Man each year and many have them have been left… [Continue Reading]

Top 5 DJs Live: Who Brings the Party

live dj

  Too often do we take for granted the tremendous production that goes into a live DJ set but with today’s generation fully harnessing the power behind the electronic experience, we thought it best to give you a little insight on some acts guaranteed to knock your socks off live. If you think you can… [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Las Vegas Parties Labor Day Weekend 2011

Las Vegas Labor Day Weekend 2011

With Labor Day Weekend 2011 right around the corner, we know for many of you, you have Vegas on the brain - and for good reason! Every Labor Day Weekend Las Vegas turns into a non-stop, four day long party and 2011 will be no exception. At this point most of the pools and clubs… [Continue Reading]