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Top Five Ultra Music Festival Newcomers


The Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami, with an already sterling reputation, is moving into its 14th year of madness with an even bigger lineup then before. Attendance has shot up as well from last year’s festival to 200,000 and it’s very likely that this overwhelming roster has to do with it. As in recent years, this dance music festival welcomes back to its 16 arenas some top-notch performers and crowds by the thousands. Tiesto, Kraftwerk, Afrojack, David Guetta, Skrillex and Bassnectar will all be on the Ultra roster once again along with many other veterans but it’s some of 2012′s newcomers that really get us going. (Actually all of them are pretty damn exciting but for the sake of brevity and the average human attention span we have narrowed it down for you.)

Check out these Ultra newcomers that will be bringing a little bit of their own flavor to this year’s festival. Don’t be fooled however, while the list may read like a countdown you can expect all of these hard hitting newbies to bring something special.

New Order

When you have as much history as New Order, your music begins to touch more than just one generation of fans. Consuming the masses for over three decades under several names, New Order has left their musical impression on many performers in the past and to this day. Electronic music today is a testament to the synth heavy, up tempo productions this band has been putting out for years. So let us welcome the fathers (and mother I suppose) of dance to their rightful home; an Ultra stage and a hungry crowd of thousands.


Pretty Lights

With a name like Pretty Lights in the electronic music industry, this man has a lot to live up to when it comes to his live shows. Ask any spectator of one of his shows however, and they will most likely give you a wide grin and a satisfied look. Mr. Derek Smith, more commonly known as Pretty Lights, is often seen on stage among giant pillars of lights and a beautifully coordinated light extravaganza. Be prepared to sway and bob for this set to the smooth beats that may make you want to let loose or just get lost.







Dada Life

Don’t let the picture fool you, these guys mean business. While on occasion their sound takes you back to an early 70′s arcade game, it is nonetheless delicious. With a sort of hyper-active Daft Punkish vibe, Dada Life spins nothing but some serious danceability. A Dada Life track is like a sick and twisted puppeteer, grabbing hold at the first drop and tweaking you around until satisfied (although much more fun than that I suppose…). Yes, you may get hit in the face with a banana or some champagne but hey, it isn’t an electronic show unless it’s a little dirty right?




Flux Pavilion and Doctor P

A mob mentality occurs at many electronic shows, dubstep especially, and when you have drops as hard as these guys, you create something even stronger, a crowd that flows seamlessly and without effort. Flux Pavilion and Doctor P go together like peanut butter and jelly. With back to back sets at this year’s Ultra Festival, these two monsters on the tables will without a doubt put on one hell of a set list. You can expect some seriously sweaty fans at this show folks.




Little Dragon

Yes, the performers of this squad are just as eccentric as their sound. Don’t let front woman Yukimi Nagano’s small build fool you, this chick can bust out the soul like no other. Her unique vocal style is unmatched and easily recognizable over the bands exotic tracks that take you all around the world in only one album. This Ultra set will be a refreshing break from the DJ scene that litters (in the best way of course) the lineup year after year. Have no fear however, while not entirely an electronic group, Little Dragon will still drag you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.


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