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Lightning in a Bottle 2012

May 24 to May 28, 2012

Silverado, CA



Lightning in a Bottle is a celebration of Art, Music, Performance, Sustainability and Life. It takes place annually on May 24th-28th at the Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, CA.

The history of Lightning in a Bottle (or “LIB” as it’s come to be known as) spans more than a decade, and friends, family, and cohorts of the Do LaB are thrilled and astounded that it’ s been more than ten years of making miracles and catching Lightning in a Bottle!

From its world class music (both international and as well as local up-and-coming) talent, to its performance artists, to its live painting (known as Lightning in a Paintcan, an initiative of the Do ArT Foundation), to its workshops in sustainability and a host of other subjects, to an incredible array of speakers on such topics as women in leadership, to its family and child-friendly entertainment, LIB endeavors to be a well-rounded event where attendees from all walks of life can find a way to connect with others as well as themselves.

At the heart of LIB is a deep commitment to sustainability. Due to an incredible effort of both our director of sustainability and green team, as well as the entire production crew’s understanding and honoring of this commitment, LIB has continued to set the standard for all US festivals. In fact, LIB was the winner of the 2011 Outstanding Greener Festival Award, 2-years in a row!

If you’re new to the LIB experience, please take some time to look around our site if you haven’t yet done so. There is a ton of info throughout along with some amazing photos of the event from over the years. You can also connect with the LIB community which is active throughout the year, via our Participate page.

If you’re looking to experience one of The Do LaB‘s events to get a taste of LIB, consider coming to one of our Do LaB Presents’ events held monthly in Los Angeles.

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