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Artist Information

Joris Voorn

Genre: Tech House

Latest tracks by Joris Voorn
Joris Voorn is a producer and DJ from Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Being raised in a musical family, music became an intrinsic part of his life from an early age. Electronic music first caught his attention in the mid-90’s, and he started DJ’ing in 1997. After developing a more focused interest in house and techno, Joris invested in the versatile MC-303 groovebox and began to experiment with synth sounds and drumloops.

In the end of 2000 Joris began building a small studio to produce his own music, which led to his first release called ‘muted trax pt.1’ on Keynote.

His first EP was success, filling the record boxes of Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, DJ Rush, Technasia. In 2003 ‘Lost memories Pt.1’ was released on Technasia’s SINO label, and was followed by ‘Lost memories Pt.2’ containing the anthem ‘Incident’ which was heard on dancefloors around the world,

After the success of ‘Incident’, Joris released his debut cd album called ‘Future History’ on the Sino label. Encompassing 3 years of ideas and inspiration, the cd contains 20 diverse tracks, a seamless soundscape that represents his arrival as a relevant techno producers.

Summer 2005 Joris’ new personal outlet called ‘green’ saw the light of day. ‘A dedicated mind’ was released as a first strong EP. He has also been working on his debut DJ mix CD for the Fuse club in Belgium. After Dave Clarke, DJ Hell and Technasia, Fuse presented Joris Voorn to mix part 4 of their international residents dj mix albums. The mix contained over 40 tracks of timeless techno music mixed with the help of the ableton live for its endless mixing and editing possibilities.

Early 2006 a track called MPX_309 was released on Green 02, a crossover techno work that appealed to almost every dj around, whether playing techno, minimal, house or trance. During the same year Joris has been working on his second album, which will is to be released april 2007 in Japan, and may 2007 worldwide. This new piece of work called ‘From a deep place’ features many different styles of electronic music, ranging from atmospheric interludes to broken beats, house and deep soulful techno.

The focus point of the ‘From a deep place’ CD has been the listener rather than the dancer. Therefore some of the works have been edited to more dj friendly tracks for the vinyl release of the album. During the summer of 2007 Joris will be touring with his new live performance to support his album release.

As a DJ and live performer Joris has travelled the globe. He has performed around all Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Detroit and New York.

Together with friend Edwin Oosterwal the ‘Rejected’ record label was established at the end of 2006. Their first EP as Rejected featured the two tracks ‘SL3’ and ‘Cliche’ and became an instant success and was played out by almost every self respecting dj around the globe. With Rejected Joris is working on a more club oriented contemporary sound instead of deep electronic music excursions.



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