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FestivalZOO Is Looking For Festival Bloggers and Photographers


bloggingAttention all you faithful FestivalZoo party animals! We are looking for a few good men and women. As you know, with the arrival of summer comes the start of festival season. This means the already large number of festivals that take place on any given weekend will increase exponentially over the next three to four months. As lovers of EDM and festival fans, we are very excited for this time of the year. As Festival ZOOkeepers, however, we are a little bit stressed over this time of the year. With only four of us manning this ship, all located in Southern California, and our experiments with teleportation failing miserably, there is just no way for us to provide detailed coverage for all these festivals.

Sure, we can write overviews and give you a general idea of what to expect at each festival, but the quality coverage that we are looking to consistently deliver on our site can only come from attending and experiencing the event. Keeping all that in mind, here is where YOU come into play. Become an official Zoo journalist, we are looking for a few fun-loving, festival-going people to help us cover the many festivals that will take place all over the world. In other words, attend the festivals that you were going to attend anyway, write about your experience, and send it over to us. If we like what we see, you can be officially published and posted on FestivalZOO’s homepage!

Let me be specific, there will be no monetary compensation for this. However, FestivalZoo has been doing such great work we will give the opportunity to be compensated with media(VIP) access to various festivals including club events in your hometown. So we are looking for a few good people out there that are willing and able to do this as a show of support for FestivalZOO and for the love of the music, of course! So whether you are an experienced blogger, a communications or journalism student looking for experience on your resume, or someone that has never written a blog in your life, all are welcome so long as you have the appreciation for EDM!

If you are interested in writing a blog or photograph for us or would simply like more information, please send an email to [email protected]. Be sure to include you full name, where you live, what festivals you are planning on attending, and a few sentences talking about your love for the EDM scene. Thank you in advance for your support!

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