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Burning Man: Music Savages Lineup and Artist Schedule Released


Our good friends at the Music Savages Burning Man camp have been hard at work building their new recycled t-shirt stage this last weekend. They have a great schedule of events to host during the week. Worthy and friends, Richy Ahmed, Dory, Lee Burridge and many more are going to be playing. Here is their full schedule:

Monday - Brown & Tan Wild West Day (6pm-midnight-ish)

Ms Cooper
Layne Loomis
Ben Seagren
Sami Tee
Hoang Luu

Tuesday - Neon Colors and Wig Day (Sunset-Midnight-ish)

Worthy and Friends

Wednesday - You Are We Party - Bedazzled Top Hats & Ties and all things Jujj(4pm-Midnight-ish)

Richy Ahmed
Ashley Wild
Tony Loi
Stuart Sandeman
Mr. Dickie
Very Special Guest TBA!

Thursday - Purple Playa People Pandemonium Party (Noon-Midnight-ish)

Mike Khoury
Lee Burridge

Friday - Green Gorilla - Island Tiki Day (11am-5pm)

Jimmy B
Anthony Mansfield

Special Friday Sunset Event (5pm-9pm)

The Noodle Dip One Shoe Only Hall & Oats Party
Robb Jeter

Saturday - Choose Your Own Costume Day, Anything Goes (Noon-8pm)

Charlie Haskins
Justin Rickles
MusicSavages before the Burn

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