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Guti Interview - “Drawing Up His Own Way”


Guti (live) - Artist Review

"I'm not a DJ, I play my own songs live. But here it's just you. You have more control."

festivalZOO got a chance to catch up with the red hot Guti! Guti, coming off his release “Patio de Juegos,” released on Loco Dice’s label Desolat, has been in high demand around the world. Wrapping up a mulit-city tour of the U.S., South America, UK and Europe, more and more people are starting to find out about Guti’s artistic abilities.


Former rock star turned House live artist, you can catch Guti (live) from a jam packed Desolat night to sets in between industry leaders John Digweed and Adam Beyer. festivalZOO had the opportunity to catch Guti (live) during his trip to L.A. where he played at the very exlusive Voodoo loft!


Voodoo is a very intimate space (100 people maximum) for house music lovers to come and share a great night of music; and this night was no different. It’s not uncommon to catch industry leaders hanging around the loft supporting the very fast growing deep/tech house scene. Other known artists to hit Voodoo include Damian Lazarus, Jesse Rose, Deniz Kurtel, and Carl Craig, all hand selected by Voodoo master Eduardo Castillo. Based on the fact Voodoo has a consistently stellar line-up month to month, you knew Guti was amongst the best in the industry before even hearing him.


Guti arrived early, mingled amongst the crowd, then started his night around 1am. Setting up the night with some very deep melodic tunes, the night got started off just right! Introducing new elements from song to song, incorporating his keyboard raised high in the air, not only was he playing amazing music, but showcasing his passion for his art! Some of the tracks that really stood out were his co-production with Luca Bachetti “Finale” and his encore track “All the Girls.” Just when you thought the show was over, Guti stumbles onto the bongo on his way out of the booth, playing an intense 15 minutes of endless bongo beat drumming!!!


We at festivalZOO have had the luxury of catching many artist and dj’s, but what made this set so much more special and stand out from the rest was Guti’s unique ability to introduce each and every single element live. Live sets at times can be very flat or monotone - continous basslines, no real ups and or downs! Guti will have you shaking from beginning to end, displaying his skills as an artist and performer, taking full control of the dance floor. This was a very special night indeed and you will want to make sure to make some time for Guti (live) in your ElectricZoo calendar! Customize your ElectricZOO calendar - CLICK HERE!

Guti Spotlight

festivalZOO: Your philosophy has been described as “drawing up his own way.” Can you tell us what that means to you?

Guti: I’m changing all the time, moving as music does, must be that. I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, and now here we are.


fZOO: What inspired you to make the transition from being a rock star to a DJ?

Guti: Different music for me is just the same trip, it was more natural than the people imagine. (Loco) Dice appeared at the right moment in my life, then it was just music.


fZOO: Who first introduced you to techno?

Guti: Even today I don’t know what techno is, also house.


fZOO: What are some similarities and differences between being a rockstar and a DJ?

Guti: I’m not a DJ, I play my own songs live. But here it’s just you. You have more control.



fZOO: You have had the opportunity to work with some of the industries best labels, Crosstown Rebels, Raum, Musik, Cdenza, Wolf & Lamb, Supplement Facts, Defected, Viva, but you chose Desolat to release your album. What about Desolat has drawn you in and really inspired you to release your album there?

Guti: To work at Desolat is a big thing for me, the level of freedom is so high, it’s really inspirational. It’s my home, there is no other place I would released my first album.


fZOO: You recently collaborated with Luca Bacchetti for the track “Finale” and you seemed to really enjoy that. Who else will you be collaborating with this year? Who would be your dream collaboration?

Guti: My dream is not possible, it would be Ray Charles. My next real-life collaboration is with Gadi Mizrahi and Deniz Kurtel coming out on Double Standard next week. I also really loved working with Luca (Bacchetti), amazing experience.


fZOO: You have a busy summer, including some upcoming gigs in Ibiza. Can you tell me about the Cocoon Heroes party and the Come Together party?

Guti: Cocoon Heroes was offf the hook, I played after Stacey Pullen and before Dice… Such a magical night!!! Crazy atmosphere, I really enjoyed playing at Cocoon. Come Together was great too and a new thing for me, (John) Digweed played before me and then Adam Bayer… Super cool experience.


fZOO: What else do you have going on this summer? What major festivals are you scheduled to play at? Which is your favorite?

Guti: I’m doing Electric Zoo soon, and a lot of Desolat nights than are becoming like festivals cause all of us play, sometimes in more than one room. My favorite festivasl this year so far were Movement in Detroit and the Desolat party during Sonar in Barcelona.


fZOO: How is the festival scene in Europe and S. America different than in the US?

Guti: Guess in Europe you get more chances to listen to the music, there are just more options: open airs, day time parties, clubs, after hours, bla, bla, bla. So the culture is a bit different, but I really enjoy playing in States. I loved the Electric Pickle in miami, Movement, all the gigs I have done really!


fZOO: When you aren’t traveling for gigs, where does Guti call home?

Guti: Dusseldorf, germany but I’m never thereeeeee.


fZOO: What are some hobbies/interest that you like to do when you aren’t working on music?

Guti: Writing or painting.


fZOO: Techno/Tech House is still an emerging scene here in the US, describe the response you received here in the US.

Guti: I think they love it


fZOO: You recently released your artist album ‘Patio de Juegos,’ explain your influences and the purpose of this album?

Guti: Just to make music, and write songs that bring feelings out. It was made without thinking too much.


fZOO: For our English speaking audience, can you explain the title of your album?

Guti: It’s like a playground, that is what I do with my music, just play around.


fZOO: If you had to select 1 track for an encore from your new album, what would it be and why?

Guti: Maybe “All The Girls,” it’s emotional and fun, it’s my point of view of music, but I love “Still Here,” it has a lot of meaning to me.


fZOO: Are there any specific rituals you would like to share with your fans that you do in preparing for a gig?

Guti: I try not to listen to any electronic music outside the club or the studio, so I keep it fresh.


fZOO: Do you have a favorite Ibiza memory that you can share with us?

Guti: Every one of Dice’s birthdays. He has an after party on the beach with Marco (Carola) and him spinning for 12 hours. Every time it gets more and more amazing.


fZOO: I had the opportunity of seeing you at Voodoo, an underground spot in LA. How would you describe your persona behind the instruments vs the person you are on the dance floor?

Guti: Kind of the same, just behind a piano or a conga you can express yourself more, but I’m happy with my dancing skills.


fZOO: Do you have any stories you would like to share about being confused for the futbol player, Guti (El Madrid)?

Guti: I want to know if some asked him about his last record.


fZOO: If you were a party animal, which party animal would you be?

Guti: Some of my friends, probably Roby.


Tour Schedule

  • Thu 1st September
    • SILENCIO BAR - Geneva, CH
  • Fri 2nd September
    • ELECTRIC ZOO - New York, USA
  • Sat 3rd September
    • SPACE - Miami, USA
  • Sat 17th September
    • GOLDEN GATE - Sydney, AU
  • Fri 23rd September
    • SUB CLUB - Glasgow, UK



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