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Movement Electronic Music Festival 2012 - Set Times - Detroit - Memorial Day Weekend


Movement Festival countdown, 36 days 11 hours from now,

Will have revelers from around the world gathered at Hart Plaza bouncing to some of the world’s best artists! Movement Festival is where it all started for festivalZOO and set the bar high for other festivals to compete. Movement festival is extremely well organized, the line-ups are selected with the utmost precision and this year they went ahead did something that is unheard of - they posted the set times of their amazing line-up over a month in advance! So to all you planners, start making plans! Set times are a music lover’s delight! It is worth mentioning that the festival is over a month away and you won’t find a hotel room within 10 square miles. Detroit has left a lasting impact on previous festival go’ers and they are returning and bringing their friends, for what is guaranteed to be the time of their lives. Movement Festival 2011 smashed the previous year’s attendance record with over 90K festival go’ers and it seems as though Movement 2012 is on pace to demolish yet another record!

Take a peep at this year’s set times, and for those trying to escape early Monday night, it’s time to make some travel changes, cause Movement 2012 will keep you moving till the very last beat drop! Let’s not forgot the tons of amazing after parties, so check back as we will have a full listings of various parties that will keep you dancing through to the morning light!

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