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Ferry Corsten

Genre: Trance

ASOT-400 Ferry Corsten day 3 by ramboswife
If there’s one thing a superstar DJ will learn after years racking up frequent flyer miles and playing for thousands of fans, it’s that they are only as prominent as their last album tour. Award‐winning Ferry Corsten, someone who can easily be referred to as the DJ’s DJ, has taken this advice to heart and emerged as one of the most prominent Dutch jocks in the world. Through constant touring , fan outreach, a weekly radioshow and podcast and an abundance of self‐produced dance hits, he has managed to captivate the imagination of dance music fans around the world.

Ferry Corsten — who was named Best Producer of the Year by the Ericsson Music Awards and Best Trance DJ by the Ibiza DJ Awards, and consistently ranked as one of the top 10 DJs in the world— is best known for his creativity as a music producer and his unique up‐tempo, big‐room trance and house sound. His performances as a DJ never fails fans to keep coming back and wanting more. It is a chest‐pounding sum of the electronic music influences he turned to, going as far back as the age of nine when he started collecting records.

In 2010 Ferry introduced the unforgettable “Once Upon a Night” compilation series, which became his vehicle for touring, sharing upfront music, and shining the spotlight on bright new talent. It was the first time in several years that Ferry had taken on a compilation project. But the timing was perfect, since world touring gave him an insider glimpse to the music emerging from different parts of the world.

While Ferry’s “Once Upon a Night” concept has taken the world by storm, it also served as an impetus to starting Premier Recordings. His latest project is a joint venture between his own label, Flashover Recordings and Black Hole Recordings. “We’re still both our own platform and label, but we came up with Premier together,” he explains. Whenever they find a big record, the two companies join forces for an extra large release.

Ferry Corsten fans can also look forward to his upcoming artist album, which will present his always‐cutting edge take on electronic music. For now, the details are strictly confidential, but Ferry assures us that he’s fully committed to conjuring the right hook lines and melodies while bringing about some exciting collaborations. “It’s definitely going to be an album that you can classify as trance, but it’s way more groovy and way more danceable,” he sums.

With a massive following on Facebook and Twitter and almost 10 million you tube views, Ferry has also become an ambassador for dance music as social media resource. “It’s the only way you can directly connect with your fans without them having to wait for anything,” he states. Just as he is into his equipment in the studio, Ferry fans can have all the coolest apps and gadgets to keep in touch with him wherever he is! At they can download official Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPad apps. He is also a co‐promoter of the entertainment applications Pulse Game (tap game) and the Cue. Play.DJ , (an iphone/ipad DJ Mixer).

Corsten’s Countdown is Ferry’s interactive radio show, which he launched in 2007 and is currently available in over 35 countries nationwide such as Digitally Imported (, Sirius XM Radio and 27 leading radio stations in The Netherlands, Brazil, UK, Australia, Argentina and the Philippines, to name a few. You can vote for your favourite track of the month on his Facebook fanpage. The show is also downloadable as a podcast on itunes.

By constantly traveling around the world, Ferry has been exposed to some of the wasteful practices going on, at the expense of animals and the environment. “When I go to the more tropical countries in the world such as the Philippines,” he elaborates, “where I see all the dynamite fishing and how coral reefs are deteriorating before my eyes.” As an ambassador for the Dutch World Wildlife Fund team, he is leveraging the exposure his events afford him to raise awareness about the WWF. “I pass on the earth because every generation has the right to enjoy its beauty — just as I am doing, and the previous generations have done.” As music makes the world go round, so does sending out a powerful message to help save our planet.

Look out for Ferry at a nightclub, festival arena or large‐scale venue near you. For more information please visit Physical copies of his CDs and all sorts of merchandise can be purchased at the Ferry Corsten Shop. The album is also available as download at iTunes.



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