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FestivalZOO Interview with Ferry Corsten


On the eve of the release of his fourth full-length artist album, WKND (Ultra Music/Flashover), internationally acclaimed EDM DJ and producer, FERRY CORSTEN, spoke with FestivalZoo. com. With just over 20 years as a highly accomplished dance music artist under his belt, Corsten’s perspective on the music scene is invaluable, especially at a time when dance music is at the forefront of pop culture in America. Read on…

FestivalZOO: Each track on this (your fourth) artist album, WKND, has a completely different feel. How long did it take to produce and compile these 15 tracks?

FERRY CORSTEN: I’ve been working on this album since the July, 2010, I think. So, it took me a little over a year to produce and finalize WKND. I can say that I am really proud of the results, and I hope listeners are going to like it, too.

FestivalZOO: “Brute” is a collaboration with Armin van Buuren. How was it working together?

FERRY CORSTEN: Working together with Armin is great! We’ve known each other for a long time now, and it’s just like when we did “Exhale” together. We didn’t know where we wanted to go, and when we sat down, it felt really natural to make the track. Armin and I both dropped ideas and we started working.

FestivalZOO: How would you say your sound has evolved on WKND compared with your previous three studio albums?

FERRY CORSTEN: WKND has a bit of all the albums I did. It has the rough edge like my previous track, “Rock Your Body Rock” and “Punk,” which were featured on Right Of Way. But it also has the great melodies and trance sounds, like “Beautiful,” which was featured on L.E.F., and great vocal tracks like “Made Of Love,” that was on Twice In A Blue Moon. So, it’s a bit of both, but in a new, 2012, Ferry Corsten sound.

FestivalZOO: “Ain’t No Stoppin” has some hints and sounds of electro. Do you plan on incorporating electro or maybe even dubstep elements into your tracks and/or sets this year?

FERRY CORSTEN: I am always experimenting with music and my sound, so I never know what direction I will be going in. I’ve actually been experimenting with electro ever since 2001 when I produced “Punk,” so this is nothing new. Dubstep elements might be cool to play around with, but I haven’t done that yet.

FestivalZOO: “Feel It” and “Live Forever” seem to have that big room, festival vibe. What track(s) do you think will be perfect for an arena or massive venue, and which ones do you think are more geared for the club atmosphere?

FERRY CORSTEN: Besides the area, it also depends a lot on the vibe, too. If I play “Brute,” which is actually is a mainroom banger, in a smaller venue where the crowd really is into the music, it still can be very effective. ”Not Coming Down” with Betsie Larkin and “Take Me” are real bigroom tracks, too. But the same goes for “Check It Out,” “Don’t Be Afraid,” and the title track, “Wknd.”

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