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Lightning in a Bottle


When I first heard about Lightning in a Bottle a year ago, my first reaction to the question “Do you want to go?” was “No, absolutely not.” The event sounded like raves I had been to a few years back in the mountains of Santa Barbara (I know that makes you curious, but that’s another… [Continue Reading]

Countdown To Coachella ***Must Read***


As Coachella nears, some strict security measures have been put in place. Coachella will be using wristbands again this year, however with some new securty measures in place. Wristbands will be mailed in advance and scanned upon entry to festival grounds. Join the forum discussion on this post

Additional VIP Coachella 2011 Tickets On Sale Now


An exclusive VIP website called GiltCity is offering its members a special deal for the ultimate VIP Coachella experience. Tickets are $975 (discounted from $1,150) and the deal expires 4/4/11. The package includes (but is not limited to) a shuttle to and from the event, VIP wristbands (which grant you access to private parties, 3… [Continue Reading]