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Top 5 Parties - 4th of July Weekend Las Vegas 2011

4th of July weekend Vegas 2011

Las Vegas is always a hot spot for party people - especially when it comes to long weekends over the summer. This 4th of July weekend is no exception. With four days of parties - including pool parties and nightclub events, there are many parties from which to choose. We at FestivalZOO have picked a… [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Afterparties Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 - EDC Vegas

EDC Vegas Afterparty

Sure, the 2011 Electric Daisy Carnival afterparties in Las Vegas start at a unique time (most go from 12PM - 6PM) but rest assured, you can expect the typical afterhours vibe at these events. Festival go’ers will have their pick of parties as there are quite a few on the lineup. For those of you… [Continue Reading]

Top 5 House DJs At EDC 2011 - Vegas


As always, we at FestivalZOO would like to make some recommendations in terms of which DJs you should be sure and catch. For Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 - Las Vegas, which has an enormous lineup, we are going to make it simple and break it down by genre. Here are the Top 5 House DJs:… [Continue Reading]