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Get Lost Miami 7th Session Announces Amazing Line-Up


The ‘Get Lost’ party being held at the Electric pickle in Miami has an insane line-up this year that includes almost every major underground artist. Damian Lazarus’s ‘Crosstown Rebels’ label has put together what will surely be one of the most incredible parties during Winter Music Conference 2012. Here is a list of the full… [Continue Reading]

New Live Sets From Miami…If you missed it or want to re-live it, get some!!


Glenn Morrison Closing Set @ Nikki Beach Glenn Morrison - Live @ Nikki Beach Closing Party 2011, WMC, Miami, USA by Glenn Morrison DJ Sneak Live @ Sneak Beats, I’m A House Gangster, Miami WMC - 03-11-2011 DJ Sneak Live @ Sneak Beats, I’m A House Gangster, Miami WMC - 11-03-2011 by R_co Mark Farina… [Continue Reading]

Miami Music Week Top 5 Tips to Recovery

tired at PC

So you’re back from Ultra and Miami Music Week in Miami (physically anyway) and you’re trying to get a grasp on reality. Only a few days ago you were living the dream - partying with your crew, making new friends, following your favorite DJs around Miami, and having the time of your life at the… [Continue Reading]

Miami Music Week


I finally decided I could not sit home another March and I bought my plane ticket to Miami. I was originally leaning toward WMC week but since most of my friends are going Ultra week, I went for that week instead. I had already reserved an hotel room at The Townhouse months ago so I… [Continue Reading]

If you need a Taxi while in Miami…


Sometimes taxis are in short supply in Miami…especially when you need a ride home from the party/club. Below is a list of numbers so you don’t have to be left walking on the side of the road at 5AM!! Taxi Service: Central Cabs: 305-532-5555 Sunshine Cabs: 305-445-3333 Crown Taxis: 305-445-5555 Super Yellow Cabs: 305-888-7777 Flamingo… [Continue Reading]

How much to budget for WMC and Miami Music Week


If you are like most people going to WMC or Miami Music Week (a.k.a. Ultra Music Week), right about now you are trying to figure out how much money you need to bring or how much you will end up spending. Perhaps you are in the process of establishing some sort of budget for yourself. … [Continue Reading]

Where to stay in Miami


So if it’s your first time visiting Miami, knowing where to stay is not so easy. Miami Beach covers a large area and Miami itself, an even larger area. My opinion is that if it’s your first time to the city, you need to stay in South Beach. This is where the famous Ocean Drive… [Continue Reading]

Dining in Miami


I am by no means an expert on the dining options in Miami but I have definitely had the chance to try some real good eats while visiting this city. I wanted to provide some recommendations for all visitors of this year’s WMC and Ultra Music Week. On my last visit to Miami, I had… [Continue Reading]